Results of the 2003 Geoff Peck Memorial Trophy Event

16 March 2003

Run on map 175 - Reading and Windsor

A beautiful sunny start to the day but there were omens around; walking into station B with our hardy operator (Peter, G3UJO), I slipped with the transmitter and fell onto my mobile phone. After checking the transmitter out, all was well when we fired it up and the mobile was also OK. On later arriving at the start at Turville Heath, we found the heath full up with vintage cars.

Eleven teams started the event including one newcomer, Chris Friel. Two signals were heard at the start although Station A (Min, G0JMS), near Goring Heath, was having difficulties with the transmitter which would only work on its side rather than upright.

The signal from Station B was fine, the transmitter was situated on a hillside close to High Wycombe town centre. A footpath ran along the rear of a housing estate with gates opening out onto scrub land. Unfortunately, the land owner lived close by and, although the transmitter was some 20 yards from the footpath, it appears he was very offensive and several competitors had to run the gauntlet. I apologise for this as the station had to close down early.

On a brighter note, 33 people sat down to tea, prepared splendidly by Pam and Christine at Piddington Village Hall. Guest of honour was the lovely Lynda Gage who presented the National Final Runners-up trophy that she donated in memory of Trevor, her late and sadly missed husband. The runner-up was Roy Emeny who duly accepted the cup.

It was decided to allow the result to stand and so the honours went to Graham Phillips, finishing just before 1600 hours.

Alan Simmons

Position Competitor Finish Time A Time B
1 Graham Phillips 15:58:37 14:46:07 15:58:37
2 Phil Cunningham 16:19:45 16:19:45 15:15:02
3 Roy Emeny 16:19:50 14:50:12 16:19:50
4 Andy Collett 14:45:18 14:45:18 -
5 Brian Bristow 14:45:27 14:45:27 -
6 Chris Friel 14:45:53 14:45:53 -
7 Peter Lisle 14:49:59 14:49:59 -
8 Bill Pechey 15:02:32 15:02:32 -
9 Paul Clark 16:27:57 16:27:57 -
10= George Whenham - - -
10= Geoff Foster - - -