2003 National Qualifier No. 6

27 July 2003

Twelve teams turned out for the 2003 Mid-Thames qualifier; Alan Simmons was unwell and could not take part. The weather was kind to us and the showers promised by the Met Office never materialised. The aim of the organiser was to keep the driving down and have a reasonably long run to get to each station. Once on site the stations weren't too hard to find (that was the theory!).

Station A was operated by Roger Shepherd and was located on a footpath near to Bix Bottom. There was no green on the map and this made people think that they had bad bearings. There were three ways into the site; one was a very long run and the other two were both up very steep slopes. Even though the station was close to the start, no-one found it until just before 3pm.

Station B was located on the left bank of the Thames between Goring and Whitchurch on Thames. The station was right on the bank of the river with an antenna going up the steep bank and then along the Thames Path for a few hundred metres. This fooled some people who took the path at the top of the hill and had to fight their way through thick undergrowth to get to the river.

Andy Collett came in first even though he took the stations in the "wrong" sequence. Everyone found both stations except for Gerry Sheppard. This was Gerry's first qualifier and, in fact, was the first time he had found any stations at all! He was pleased. It was nice to see Neil Woodley competing again after seventeen years - let's hope he continues.

The tea was held in Goring Heath Parish Hall and was provided single-handedly by Doreen. She did a great job.

Rosie Merry should have qualified at this event but stood down so that she could accompany Colin in the final. This magnanimous act meant that the qualifiers are Keith Halton and Graham Phillips.

Bill Pechey.

Position Competitor Finish Time A Time B
1 Andy Collett 15:44:42 14:56:23 15:44:42
2 Brian Bristow 15:50:07 15:50:07 14:51:29
3 Chris Plummer 15:57:03 15:57:03 14:55:56
4 Phil Cunningham 16:02:17 16:02:17 14:49:53
5 Geoff Foster 16:09:35 16:09:35 15:08:46
6 Rosie Merry 16:11:42 14:59:29 16:11:42
7 Keith Halton 16:11:53 14:56:46 16:11:53
8 Graham Phillips 16:17:37 16:17:37 15:06:58
9 George Whenham 16:18:32 16:18:32 15:28:24
10 Neil Woodley 16:23:49 15:06:13 16:23:49
11 Tim Parker 16:25:55 16:25:55 14:55:33
12 Gerry Sheppard 15:24:22 15:24:22 -