2004 National Qualifier No.6

25 July 2004

Thirteen teams signed in at the start at Salisbury race course. Two signals were heard at the start but, due to the B station operator falling ill that morning, the transmission was made from his house so making that station invalid. The starter decided to make the competition a single-station event.

A mass exodus of vehicles made their way towards the west witn most teams favouring the B roads below the A303. At 2pm the transmission was quite long allowing some teams to take two bearings which when plotted gave a cross in the direction of a wood near Chilmark. After arriving at the gate of the wood the signal eventually took the leaders to the third gate, where the operator, Steve Holley, had wired the aerial on to the lower fence and then linked up the other fences down to where the vehicles were left. After much thrashing around Roy Emeny was the first to find Steve, soon followed George "one station" Whenham. Steve had buried himself into a hole in the woodland bank and managed to cover himself with sticks and bracken.

A steady stream of teams then came in up to 3pm when the has-been of DF arrived closely followed by the two new teams from Weston super mare.

A fourteenth competitor (Ray Goodearl) had appeared from nowhere to beat most into the site but, as he arrived late at the start and failed to sign in, he could not qualify for the fimal. Lesson learnt.

All teams went back to the church hall to hear how the winners did so well. Rosie Merry won the prize for first lady home.

Subject to confirmation, the qualifiers for the National final are George Whenham and Dick Brocks.

Brian Bristow

Position Competitor Finish
1 Roy Emeny 14:32:02
2 George Whenham 14:37:26
3 Andrew Mead 14:37:31
4 Dick Brocks 14:37:44
5 Andy Collett 14:37:53
6 Ray Goodearl 14:39:00
7 Alan Simmons 14:40:42
8 Rosie Merry 14:40:49
9 Bill Pechey 14:50:55
10 Geoff Foster 14:56:00
11 Brian Bristow 15:11:25
12 Bob England 15:22:28
13 Graham Jones 15:29:14