Collier Cup 2005 Round 3

03 June 2005

The transmitter was operated by Bill Pechey.

Five teams started this evening event. Possibly the heavy rain in early evening put the "boys" off from competing.

The signal at the 7:30 start was fairly strong suggesting that Bill was not too far away! But the bearing, circa 265 degrees, went across all maps and most teams arrived near to the Dorchester area. At 8 pm Bill's transmission went on for longer than expected and all five teams then navigated around the Dorchester/Warborough area. After taking too many bearings, I managed to confirm that Bill was on the edge of the River Thame (side tributary to the Thames). After leaving cars near to a bridge crossing the river, a few of us ran down the path for around 200 metres, with the Tx on but still fairly weak, until we arrived at the power lines which then just blew our headphones off. A quick search found beaten down tracks which led down and along the water's edge and on running to and fro (panic) eventually found Bill hidden in a privet bush near to the water's edge.

My own personal dismay was that Doreen Pechey decided to compete, accompanied by friend Neil who the found the Tx before we did. The positive outcome was that Richard Wagner found this site without the aid of others and nearly finished third. The winner, who found Bill's car and approached the site before 8:15, finished in a fast time of 8:22 (guess who!).

Thanks to Bill for running this fine event as he only arrived home from Canada the day before.

Brian Bristow.

Position Competitor Finish
1 Chris Plummer 20:22:83
2 Doreen Pechey 20:49:27
3 Brian Bristow 20:50:19
4 Richard Wagner 20:50:41
5 Alan Simmons 20:56:54