Collier Cup 2005 Round 5

05 August 2005

The transmitter was operated by Alan Simmons.

Due to holidays etc., only four teams started at Cowleaze Wood, receiving a fair signal from G4MDF/P at 7:30pm, giving a bearing of around 25 degrees. Some teams decided to approach Alan near to Aylesbury whilst others stayed around the Thame area thinking he was near to the start! However the 8pm transmission gave a bearing going across to the villages of Ford and Haddenham. The 8:15 transmission then moved across to the village of Ford and Marsh.

Having driven down various farm tracks, John, my navigator, and myself felt uneasy about these sites so drove back round in a circle to confirm the quickest access. In the meantime, Mark Coventry had driven down one of the tracks (we had been down it 20 mins before), found Alan's car and landed on his site at 8:30pm. Eventually, we did return to the said track, and after running down to what appeared to be a easy site, found two teams thrashing around the ditches etc., I also got frustrated that Alan was not easy to find as he had rigged his small aerial bridging across two fences. It was only when I returned into the field and ran away from what appeared to be the strongest signal I found Alan with a bit of two-way chatter. To my amazement, no other team had been in!

The fright of the evening was to see rookie Richard Wagner just yards from Alan; I thought that if he had been in I should consider retiring (Joke)!

Brian Bristow

Position Competitor Finish
1 Brian Bristow 21:05:58
2 Mark Coventry 21:08:05
3 Richard Wagner 21:08:16
4 Graham Phillips 21:08:35