2005 National Final

25 September 2005

Fifteen qualifiers plus one invited guest attended this year's final at the West Meon railway station start. Three signals were heard but station C was too weak for most of the teams to take a decent bearing, so an approximate bearing was given.

Station A, G4MDF/P, was operated by John Champion who was situated 20.5km from the start at Preston Oak Hills. The first to arrive at this station was Andy Collett. Station B, G3TRY/P, was operated by Steve Holley whose site was under the old railway viaduct, near to Katherines Hill, near Winchester. It was 16.5km from the start. The aerial was run behind each side of the viaduct wall and across to the river bank. First in to this site was Paul Clark (sadly his only one) . Station C, G4XWP/P, was operated by Colin Boyce. It was situated in the large forest near Southampton (Lords Wood) about 25km from the start. The first into this site was Andrew Mead.

During the afternoon the lead went to and fro with the eventual winner, Andrew Mead, arriving at his third transmitter at 3:59 with Chris Plummer second and Tim Parker third. Sadly, Colin Boyce's car was found to have its window broken but, luckily, nothing was stolen. (Repaired on Monday). The trophy presentation was held at the Swan Hotel at New Alresford, where the RSGB National Trophy and the BTBDFA Derek Newman trophy were presented to the winner, Andrew Mead. Second place team took the Trevor Gage runners up cup, and the Rose Bowl trophy for the most points achieved through the season was presented to Brian Bristow. A scuffle then ensued between the organizer and the Chairman about who was to present the First Lady's prize to Andy's team searcher Clare.

After hearing how the first two teams managed their success the organizer thanked all operators and other clubs for providing a great year's competition.

Brian Bristow

Position Competitor Finish Time A Time B Time C
1 Andrew Mead 15:49:06 15:49:06 14:33:31 14:03:38
2 Chris Plummer 15:51:20 14:17:09 15:06:39 15:51:20
3 Tim Parker 15:54:08 15:54:08 14:56:20 14:18:21
4 Geoff Foster 16:00:55 16:00:55 15:17:39 14:17:50
5 Andy Collett 16:18:48 14:02:16 15:24:38 16:18:48
6 Alan Simmons 16:21:25 14:26:48 15:16:57 16:21:25
7 Graham Nicholls 16:23:37 14:02:39 14:59:41 16:23:37
8 Graham Phillips 16:27:54 16:27:54 14:58:44 14:17:16
9 Peter Lisle 15:49:17 - 14:35:38 15:49:17
10 George Whenham 15:57:08 - 14:18:30 15:57:08
11 Steve Stone 16:04:37 - 16:04:37 15:00:28
12 Paul Clark 14:17:13 - 14:17:13 -
13 Bill Pechey 14:54:32 - - 14:54:32
14 Graham Jones 15:40:59 - 15:40:59 -
15 Colin Merry 16:06:27 - - 16:06:27
16 Clive Hardy (invited) - - - -