Gage-Tyler Cup 2005 Round 1

16 March 2005

Keith Holden was the operator for the first round of the Gage-Tyler Cup. Six teams arrived at the start near Maidenhead. Signal was fair giving most teams (but not all) a bearing of 345ish. Most teams decided to stay on the Reading and Windsor map and the 8:00 signal proved that was the right decision.

After the 8:15 transmission a few teams arrived at Hellbottom Wood near to West Wycombe. I, together with John Champion, walked down into the wood and found a super site but after just looking around decided to walk 20 metres back up the track (B----r, B----r, B----r). The transmitter came on and it guided me right to the top of the wood where Steve Stone and Bill Pechey were thrashing around. The 8:40 and 8:50 transmissions came and went without giving a clue about where Keith was hiding. Then, after the 9:15 transmission, I was finally talked in by Keith, only to find out I was 5th but at 8:28 had stood 5 metres away from him. (hence B----r above).

Only one team failed to find Keith due to receiver trouble (I think). The main suprise was the winner who arrived thinking I had been and gone!!!

Well done, Mark!

Brian Bristow.

Position Competitor Finish
1 Mark Coventry 20:55:03
2 Steve Stone 20:55:23
3 Chris Plummer 20:55:34
4 Bill Pechey 20:56:23
5 Brian Bristow 21:18:25
6 Geoff Foster NF