Gage-Tyler Cup 2005 Round 2

20 April 2005

Four teams started at the thicket for this second round DF event. The signal was deliberately wound down in strength to stop the teams arriving just after the 8:00 transmission. Although the signal was weaker, the null was quite pronounced. No teams arrived on the site, which was situated in the posh area of Beaconsfield in a wood with many paths and rhodys, until after the 8:30 transmission. It was noticed that during the 8:30, 8:40 or 8:50 transmissions, no team actually DF'ed the site. It was not until after the 8:50 transmission that Alan Simmons found the site, which was behind a large tree with a camouflage net covering the surrounding area. All the remaining teams followed soon after. "That's it", I thought, but...

At 06:00 the next morning I woke up to a slight pain in my right hand and on going to work that morning found that the hand was starting to swell. By afternoon it was hurting enough to attend our local doctors clinic who diagnosed that I had possibly been bitten (bloody midges). That evening it appeared to stabilise but was still very painful. Next morning, back to work, but the hand started to swell more and the pain became very bad. On arrival at hospital the doctor took one look and arranged a blood test where it appeared I had possibly been bitten by an adder which was annoyed that the aerial I kept picking off the ground woke him up. I am now starting to regain the use of my hand (Monday), still with slight muscle ache. The main reason in telling you this is please wear gloves this time of year when putting up aerials for DF !!!!!!!!!!

Brian Bristow.

Position Competitor Finish
1 Alan Simmons 20:52:54
2 Chris Plummer 20:54:29
3 Graham Phillips 21:00:21
4 Steve Stone 21:05:51