Gage-Tyler Cup 2005 Round 3

18 May 2005

It's taken over 20 years for John Champion to run a DF event and this last Wednesday evening was his first attempt. Five brave teams arrived at the start but only two teams with better receivers heard John so an approximate bearing was given to the other poor souls who then plotted a bearing of 65 degrees which went towards the Denham/Gerrards Cross area. I, together with new team Richard Wagner, only managed to travel a few miles due to time lost at the start and, at the 8pm transmission, only Richard actually heard the signal.

Proceeding up the A40 towards the Tx location, I actually heard G3TRY/P which proved it was on the West London map. After losing Richard in the traffic, I missed a turning at Denham and ended up going around Harefield etc. until I reached the canal near Denham quarries. To my surprise, the signal was so strong, it turned away from the Canal area and into the quarry lake complex. Together with Steve Stone we arrived at the lakeside and when the 9pm transmission came on I was lucky enough to be standing right outside the entrance to where John was hidden. It was, in the end, a good start for John on his first DF and also a learning curve on what aerials to erect when you're over 20 km from the start surrounded by water!

Congrats to Richard Wagner who found his first DF Tx on the Wednesday evening events.

Brian Bristow.

Position Competitor Finish
1 Peter Lisle 20:52:17
2 Brian Bristow 21:00:50
3 Steve Stone 21:01:59
4 Graham Phillips 21:27:04
5 Richard Wagner 21:27:11