Gage-Tyler Cup 2005 Round 4

15 June 2005

Transmitter operator was Steve Stone.

Having suffered from heavy rain all morning, it was gratifying that five teams turned up for the event with good calm evening weather forecast.

A good signal was heard at the start by all competitors with bearings from 28 to 38 degress being plotted. Did it cross the dreaded West London map? No, to many teams' relief. The true bearing was around 32 degrees. Mark Coventry had 31 deg. and Chris 35. All set off on time without depending on the approximate bearing or distance. Most decided it was likely to be on the Aylesbury map and set off on various routes to get somewhere near Amersham. As it turned out only Chris and Bill got off the Reading map for the 8:00pm bearing the others plotted across the join, (always difficult especially if you are on your own).

20:15 found Chris on the outskirts of Chesham, Peter and Alan further east in the lanes north of Amersham. A double take later and Chris then trolled the lanes for a good (public) way into the woods to the South of Botley. Parking next to a nature reserve notice Chris got into the woods and on site first, and in fact was within 10 yards of Steve, when Peter popped his head over the edge of a rift in the woods. 'Good hiding here' he said, whereupon Chris retraced his steps with the Tx off (He should have blundered on). In the end, Peter pipped Chris for a second consecutive win, soon followed by Bill and Alan.

Alas, Mark, having convinced himself that the woods and pools north of Amersham were a good site he thus ran out of time and didn't find Steve. Fair do really as Chris had lent him an Aylesbury map and commented that tonight was not to be Mark's night, (must try that on Brian) and Mark had a pathfinder map of the Amersham area which he wanted to use, but it didn't cover the area where the TX was. Lesson learnt...

Well done Steve for keeping us out until after 8:45 and giving us some well needed exercise.

Everyone gathered at the pub, Old Swan in Ley Hill, to swap stories and console ourselves in a pint.


Position Competitor Finish
1 Peter Lisle 20:47:31
2 Chris Plummer 20:50:20
3 Bill Pechey 21:02:47
4 Alan Simmons 21:07:11
5 Mark Coventry NF