Gage-Tyler Cup 2005 Round 5

20 July 2005

Six teams started at Maidenhead Thicket to receive the second John Champion DF event.

The signal was quite audible at the start but gave a variety of bearings, most of which passed through Reading. I decided not to steam down the M4 but decided to drive carefully down the old A4 until I reached the large green fronting Reading University. At the 8 o'clock signal I was astounded that John G4MDF/P was so strong and I decided that he was only 2 miles away. I arrived at Dinton Pastures and awaited the 8:15 signal which, when it came on, made me run down the centre of the road for around 80mts and promptly dive though the blackthorn on the lakeside undergrowth. On looking around, spied an aerial and, after a frantic search, found John hidden, as in the previous DF he ran, near to the shore. On returning to my motorised steed drove off quickly only to see Peter Lisle's car and Graham Phillips' car right outside the Tx area but, alas, it was only Peter who managed to follow the way I found John; Graham going across the road with the power lines not helping him and his navigator. Two other teams decided to run from the far end of the lake system. Eventually, all six teams found John, and discussed their successes and failures with a cool drink at the local pub.

Brian Bristow

Position Competitor Finish
1 Brian Bristow 20:28:39
2 Peter Lisle 20:34:15
3 Bill Pechey 21:12:34
4 Graham Phillips 21:13:33
5 Steve Stone 21:19:34
5 Mark Coventry 21:22:20