Gage-Tyler Cup 2005 Round 6

17 August 2005

Eight teams started this event, which was run by Bob Gray, G3TRY/P on 1950 kHz. The 7:30 transmission was quite audible, although it was two minutes late. Most teams had a bearing of around 290 which kept the likely location on the Reading map. At the 8pm signal, the majority of us had driven through Henley on Thames and on towards Nettlebed, but to our amazement the signal was very weak indeed giving us a bearing returning back towards the start. Bob was hidden on the Fawley side of the River Thames, near to Henley. His aerial was around 2 metres long with an earth dangling in the water. It was quite a jog down the river bank. Chris Plummer, followed by Steve Stone, arrived at Bob's site but had quite a job tracking him down as Bob was up a tree which was darkened by the other surrounding trees etc. (the reason Bob was late on at 7:30 was because the Tx battery fell out of the Tx and down onto the ground, snapping the aerial wire in the process). Soon, all but one team arrived at this site and each team accused the others of finding the site but it was Peter Lisle who managed to spot Bobs feet first. All the other six teams came in at various stages except Alan Simmons who was standing frustrated accross the other side of the river shouting to Bob to respond, but to no avail.

Our thanks to Geoff Foster's team and Graham Phillips' team on travelling to support us.

Brian Bristow

Position Competitor Finish
1 Peter Lisle 20:38:29
2 Chris Plummer 20:41:14
3 Geoff Foster 20:53:04
4 Steve Stone 20:56:35
5 Brian Bristow 20:57:11
6 Bill Pechey 20:57:16
7 Graham Phillips 20:57:58
8 Alan Simmons NF