Gage-Tyler Cup 2005 Round 7

21 September 2005

The start of this event was in two parts as a massive traffic problem at High Wycombe prevented some of the seven teams arriving before the 7:30 start. The transmitter operator came on again at 7:40 to give all teams the chance of bearings. The signal was, however, slightly weak with a bearing going towards Wokingham. Half the teams who arrived late had no chance to get very far down the bearing. For me, it was quite an experience, with John my navigator taking us round in a large circle at Crowthorne housing estate then down the M3 to Hampshire which was on a 50mph contra-flow. We found that the first road towards the transmitter site was closed and the second was through a deep water ford (about two feet water depth). Peter Lisle and Chris Plummer actually drove through! After eventually reaching the second ford, we found various team cars and recognised at once that this was where Steve had been hidden some years before (although he has no recollection of this!). After running down the footpath, I found Steve near to the river's edge with the previous three other teams looking on. The first to arrive at this site near Farley Hill was Chris Plummer whose win gave him the Bill North trophy.

Alas, the other three teams gave up early and went to the pub!!!

Brian Bristow

Position Competitor Finish
1 Chris Plummer 21:08:14
2 Peter Lisle 21:14:27
3 Bill Pechey 21:15:21
4 Brian Bristow 21:17:38
5 Mark Coventry NF
6 Gerry Sheppard NF
7 Richard Wagner NF