2005 Geoff Peck Memorial

03 April 2005

Thanks to everyone for coming. I hope Mark didn't have too hard a time before giving up, and sorry Brian that you had receiver problems.

Congratulations to Roy on a storming performance. I still can't believe that I had 6 teams in to me before 2:30. I was worried all week that I had made it too hard. Silly me, you never can judge how it's going to turn out.

Thanks to Alan for stepping in a short notice to run station B and for being self sufficient. It's great to be able to point an operator at an area on a map and leave it entirely to them to get set up.

I had wanted to use Burghfield Common for ages as it's an orienteering area and I had suitable maps to help pick a devious spot. That plan failed. I also didn't want to be in Bracknell Forest but close enough to hopefully lure some people into the forest before they realised their mistake. I don't think that worked either.

Still it wasn't too bad with experienced DFers finishing after 4pm.

Steve Stone

Position Name Finish Time A Time B
1 Roy Emeny 15:13:39 14:17:41 15:13:39
2 Peter Lisle 15:34:13 15:34:13 14:16:19
3 Andrew Mead 15:34:50 14:31:49 15:34:50
4 Geoff Foster 15:46:10 14:32:57 15:46:10
5 George Whenham 15:51:11 14:20:58 15:51:11
6 Chris Plummer 16:08:44 16:08:44 14:48:20
7 Rosie Merry 16:13:07 14:33:20 16:13:07
8= Brian Bristow - - -
8= Mark Coventry - - -