2005 National Qualifier No.1

17 April 2005

13 teams took part in the first of this years qualifying events which seems a reasonable start for the season. The teams assembled at the entrance to the Dalgety agricultural site in the south west corner of the map – thanks to Graham Nicholls for getting permission for its use.

Station A, G4CFG/P, was located approximately 25 km from the start at a bearing of 346 degrees. The transmitter was hidden on a footpath between Preston Capes and Everdon. The aerial was a simple long wire running along the side of a stream with the station attached at one end close to a stile. There wasn't any need to go into the stream but some DFers just have to get wet, don’t they, Roy. The teams were fairly evenly split between stations with those who decided to come to this station first arriving within a few minutes of each other.

Station B, G4KZU, was located approximately 25 km from the start at a bearing of 32 degrees. The transmitter was hidden at one end of a disused railway embankment west of Salcey Forest. Peter and Wing did a good job here of hiding the station and gave the competitors plenty to think about, no mean achievement at this time of year with the general lack of cover. This station used a long wire aerial running criss-cross along the railway.

An excellent tea was served by the Lineham family of Yardley Gobion – many thanks to them for their service.

Phil Cunningham and Colin Merry qualify for the National Final, with Geoffrey Foster automatically qualifying as the 2004 National Champion.

George Whenham

Position Competitor Finish Time A Time B
1 Phil Cunningham 15:18:05 14:30:36 15:18:05
2 Geoffrey Foster 15:19:20 14:31:43 15:19:20
3 Colin Merry 15:32:07 14:32:09 15:32:07
4 Richard Brocks 15:52:15 14:31:59 15:52:15
5 Graham Phillips 15:54:57 14:32:23 15:54:57
6 Alan Simmons 15:59:56 15:59:56 14:49:26
7 Brian Bristow 16:00:08 16:00:08 14:49:48
8 Dave Peacock 16:05:27 14:32:45 16:05:27
9 Graham Nicholls 16:05:57 14:32:34 16:05:57
10 Chris Plummer 16:09:54 16:09:54 15:16:55
11 Peter Lisle 16:15:18 15:27:17 16:15:18
12 Tim Parker 16:15:37 14:55:52 16:15:37
13 Graham Jones - - -