2005 National Qualifier No. 5

03 July 2005

Fourteen teams gathered at the Race Course at Salisbury to compete in what was to become one of the closest wins of the year so far, proving electronic clocks really do work!!

Station "A" was G3UJO/P, Peter Bradley, who was situated circa 11km from the start. His signal was quite strong. Peter was hidden in a plantation between Dinton and Hanging Langford. The first three teams managed the correct and shortest way in from the Dinton end, running around 100/200 metres in; most others thought Peter nearer the Hanging Langford end to which a good 1km plus was endured.

Station "B" was run by Steve Holley who was much weaker at the start as he was situated near the bottom of the map, some 15km from the start, in the Millers Ford plantation. Once again, a few early teams managed to find the path going the quickest way to Steve's hide in a Rhody bush plantation (nothing like Torbay's!). The teams who arrived at Steve for their second Tx ran straight from the car park and across a carpet bog leading up a hill and then down into the plantation.

From what was reported, both stations proved awkward for some teams to track down, resulting in a very close contest with split times from teams going in opposite directions.

Tea was provided with the usual efficiency by Debs and friend at the Downton Memorial hall.

Brian Bristow

Position Competitor Finish Time A Time B
1 Brian Bristow 16:20:04 14:56:40 16:20:04
2 Paul Clark 16:20:33 16:20:33 14:42:22
3 Phil Cunningham 16:20:50 16:20:50 14:38:30
4 Bill Pechey 16:21:05 16:21:05 14:43:23
5 Andy Collett 16:23:04 14:42:44 16:23:04
6 Tim Parker 16:23:17 14:43:18 16:23:17
7 Alan Simmons 16:23:32 14:43:34 16:23:32
8 George Whenham 16:24:42 16:24:42 14:46:05
9 Dave Peacock 15:14:22 15:14:22 -
10 Geoff Foster 15:19:20 15:19:20 -
11 Steve Stone 15:24:47 15:24:47 -
12 Rosie Merry 15:33:13 - 15:33:13
13 Graham Jones 15:51:42 15:51:42 -
14 Chris Plummer 16:16:48 16:16:48 -