2005 National Qualifier No. 8

04 September 2005

The eighth qualifying round of the 2005 National Championship was run by the Mid-Thames Club. Thirteen teams took part and all but three found both stations.

Station A (G3TRY/P) was operated by Bill Pechey and located in the middle of a large expanse of woodland, called Pamber Forest, near Tadley. It was a long run whichever access was chosen. The station was concealed in thick undergrowth which gradually became open as the afternoon went on. The antenna was about 300 metres long and fed in the middle. Most competitors found the station by following the antenna through the thick scrub. Some said that the set led them to the ends of the antenna but not to the station itself.

Roger Shepherd ran Station B (G4MDF/P) and was located close to the southern bank of the river Kennet near Southcote lock. The surrounding land consisted of very dense vegetation, oxbow lakes and gravel pits. Roger had found an ivy-covered, fallen willow tree which looked a likely site with a lot of good cover at ground level, however, he managed to lie down about six feet off the ground but still within the ivy. Several dummy antennas were made to lead the competitors to investigate the hide at ground level and then go elsewhere. This strategy worked well; one well-known competitor spent almost an hour on site.

Each station connected one end of its antenna to ground via a wire fence. The other end of station B's antenna was dangled from a tree into a duckweed-covered oxbow lake, good contact being made by a piece of copper pipe on the end. Unfortunately, no competitors mistook the duckweed for grass but one or two had very muddy feet.

The event was won convincingly by Peter Lisle and his team of young helpers who achieved the very rare distinction of being first into both stations.

Peter Lisle and Andrew Mead qualify for the National Final.

The tea was organised by Doreen and Sheila at Goring Heath Parish Hall. We are greatly indebted to them both for an excellent tea.

Bill Pechey.

Position Competitor Finish Time A Time B
1 Peter Lisle 15:18:47 14:25:41 15:18:47
2 Andy Collett 15:37:44 14:36:18 15:37:44
3 Colin Merry 15:38:36 14:38:09 15:38:36
4 Andrew Mead 15:38:50 14:44:35 15:38:50
5 Graham Phillips 15:41:11 14:29:54 15:41:11
6 Chris Plummer 16:01:34 14:50:27 16:01:34
7 George Whenham 16:14:46 16:14:46 15:20:37
8 Brian Bristow 16:15:04 16:15:04 15:19:30
9 Graham Jones 16:15:26 16:15:26 15:22:03
10 Tim Parker 16:19:37 16:19:37 15:21:25
11 Graham Nicholls 15:20:18 - 15:20:18
12 Alan Simmons 15:24:12 15:24:12 -
13 Geoff Foster - - -