2006 National Qualifier No.4

18 June 2006

Thirteen teams started this year's Northampton DF qualifier which was on a new map, Kettering & Corby, sheet 141. The start was the car park at the causeway side of Pitsford Water. All teams heard station B, which was run by John Cockrill, G4CZB, and John Hickman, M3NKN. The A station appeared much weaker with half the teams requiring a approximate bearing. This station was operated by Eric Young and Keith Howell. Most teams decided to find station A first which was situated just over 16km west of the start, on the edge of Sulby Reservoir. This site had a very long aerial which ran most of the length of the coppice beside the reservoir. First team in to this transmitter was Paul Clark who arrived at 14:24:44.

Station B was situated also beside the water's edge, 24km east of the start at the Nene Lakes. John Cockrill, G4CZB, had hidden on the water's edge behind a large tree root, also with a fairly long aerial up and down a central path. First into this site was Brian Bristow at 14:44:59. (This was also his last as he arrived at station A at 16:30:03).

The tea was arranged by Ian, G1BHR (Vice chairman) and Jane, M3BQT, at Brixworth village hall. The winner, Paul Clark from Torbay, completed this event in a very good time of 15:32:46, with last year's National Champion second with a time of 15:48:55. Both teams explained how they were successful on the day. The national organiser announced that Paul Clark and Graham Nicholls qualified for the National final.

Our thanks to the Northampton club for all their efforts this year.

Brian Bristow and Eric Young

Position Competitor Finish Time A Time B
1 Paul Clark 15:32:46 15:32:46 14:24:44
2 Andrew Mead 15:48:55 15:48:55 14:42:49
3 Graham Nicholls 16:01:09 16:01:09 14:55:18
4 Geoffrey Foster 16:01:20 16:01:20 14:54:04
5 Roy Emeny 16:01:30 14:53:01 16:01:30
6 Rosie Merry 16:12:33 16:12:33 14:55:09
7 Graham Jones 16:13:08 16:13:08 14:55:26
8 George Whenham 16:14:54 16:14:54 14:57:03
9 Andy Collett 16:15:31 16:15:31 14:55:45
10 Bill Pechey 16:27:10 16:27:10 15:01:34
11 Brian Bristow 14:44:59 14:44:59 -
12 Graham Phillips 14:48:55 14:48:55 -
13 John Smith 15:06:52 - 15:06:52