2008 National Final

28 September 2008

This years event was organised by the Northampton Radio Club which in the past has run many exciting events.

Eighteen teams arrived at the start in Bucknell Wood (on the Northampton Map 152). All teams heard station A and B but a few had to receive an approximate bearing on the C station. Station A was situated in Knightley Wood near Farthingstone some 11.5 km from the start. John (Club Secretary) G4CZB and Nigel 2E0PPK manned this station and used a 3/4 wave antenna which wound through the small copse with the last few metres along the back of an adjacent hedge. It was tuned against a counterpoise, roughly one eighth wavelength, of which the end was clipped to the fence. Although this team were fairly visible once a DFer entered the copse it was surprising that many teams walked nearby without at first spotting them.

Station B was situated northwards from the start near to the suburb of Kings Heath near Northampton at a distance of just over 20km. This site was manned by Phil M0OXZ and Adrian M6RPG. Loads of effort was also put into this site with the use of dummy aerials. The hide was under a small footbridge, together with a large stream and mainline railway this site was fairly difficult to pin down. It was most pleasing to note that Phil's children were very enthusiastic in helping to arrange this site (good news for the future).

Station C was also further northwards about 25.5 km from the start and situated along the disused railway (Northampton/Market Harborough) now the Mid-Shires Way trail. This station was manned by Richard G6TVB and Pete G0FJS. It was similar to station A as it was a fairly long run from whichever end of the trail you decided to go from. It was situated on the side of the trail with an aerial running towards the Speatton-Brixworth road.

It was in all a exciting afternoon with a complete mixture of teams selecting different variants of which stations to tackle first.

First station to finish with all three at the A station was Andy Collett just after 3:16 which to all others appeared to be unbeatable but at the end the title of National Champion went to Mark Coventry of the Mid-Thames club who pipped Andy by just one minute.

Tea was arranged by the Yardley Gobion WI and held at the Yardley Gobion Hall.

George Whenham, the Chairman of the BTBDF Association, presented the RSGB Council trophy and the Derrick Newman trophy to the winner Mark Coventry and the Trevor Gage Memorial Cup to runner up Andy Collett.

The Simmons rosebowl for most points achieved in this years contests was presented to Colin and Rosie Merry, with first lady operator also to Rosie Merry.

First lady in team to finish went to Claire Barrell.

The national contest manager, Brian Bristow G4KBB, thanked John G4CZB and the Northampton Radio Club for making it a fine and memorable final.

Position Competitor Finish Time A Time B Time C
1 Mark Coventry 15:15:11 14:03:52 14:48:51 15:15:11
2 Andy Collett 15:16:39 15:16:39 14:30:08 14:01:55
3 Graham Nicholls 15:28:01 14:04:36 14:57:54 15:28:01
4 Andrew Mead 15:35:44 14:04:07 15:35:44 15:04:15
5 Geoffrey Foster 15:39:35 15:39:35 14:48:33 14:06:39
6 Alan Simmons 15:50:40 14:06:21 15:50:40 14:59:52
7 George Whenham 15:52:23 14:29:37 15:52:23 15:22:02
8 Peter Lisle 16:04:25 13:49:34 14:57:35 16:04:25
9 Steve Stone 16:05:49 14:09:17 16:05:49 15:02:33
10 Brian Bristow 16:08:56 16:08:56 14:23:23 14:59:31
11 Matthew Clark 16:14:14 16:14:14 14:23:47 15:13:42
12 Graham Phillips (Guest) 16:21:27 16:21:27 14:15:22 15:15:19
13 Rosie Merry 16:29:40 16:29:40 14:23:40 15:02:38
14 Dick Brocks 15:40:18 - 14:23:33 15:40:18
15 David Ryan 15:53:31 14:29:43 - 15:53:31
16 Bill Pechey 15:56:25 14:39:53 - 15:56:25
17 Roy Emeny 16:17:27 - 16:17:27 14:06:29
18 Graham Jones (Guest) 16:26:18 15:03:08 16:26:18 -