2008 National Qualifier No. 2

11 May 2008

Five teams achieved the first challenge of reaching the start point at Shakerley Mere. Unfortunately, Bill and Doreen suffered a traffic snarl-up and decided to head for home.

Unusually for a ‘Manchester’ event, not a spot of rain was to be seen, in fact the weather was near ideal DF weather. The organisers apologise for this and promise to book their slot with the rain gods earlier next year.

As is normal for this event, one signal could be heard at the start and one could not, so approximate bearings and distance were issued for station ‘A’ before everyone headed off.

Station ‘A’, G3FVA/P, operated by Chris Plummer, on a short respite from duty in the colonies, was located amid Rhododendron bushes, at the edge of parkland, in Woodhouse Country Park, near Biddulph. A fairly long antenna was placed here, facing the start point, however, getting it to any height was a challenge due to the thickness of the surrounding plant-life, consequentially, this transmitter couldn’t be heard at the start point.

Distance from start ~20.5 km, NGR 899591.

Station ‘B’, G3UHF/P, operated by Chris Heys, was located in what appeared to be the remains of peat workings, near a footpath running through Holford Moss, to the south of Plumley. Here a lengthy antenna had been sewn through ferns, running along an embankment, for some 15 meters from the transmitter and then threaded up a small Silver Birch tree and, from there, off into the depths of the wood.

Distance from start ~4 km, NGR 714745.

The Swettenham Arms, NGR 800672, provided a buffet tea, including an excellent selection of cakes to finish.

Roger Thawley, G0BSU

Position Competitor Finish Time A Time B
1 Brian Bristow 15:48:50 14:54:48 15:48:50
2 Paul Clark 16:09:30 16:09:30 14:26:14
3 Geoff Foster 16:13:17 16:13:17 15:07:10
4 George Whenham 14:37:04 - 14:37:04
5 Graham Jones 16:02:02 16:02:02 -