2009 National Qualifier No. 2

26 April 2009

Fourteen teams started this event on the Boughton Way near Brampton.

There was a slight problem at the start when it was realised that the clock cards had been left behind. Fortunately, the start team was able to obtain them in time.

All the teams heard the Station A transmission but some local QRM gave a slight problem with the taking of bearings. Station "B" was only heard by two teams so an approximate bearing was given out after the prescribed waiting period.

Thirteen teams decided to find station "A" first which was manned by John G4CZB and Nigel 2E0PPK. This station was situated near to the public footpath leading to Cleeves Hill and was slightly over 20km from the start. Tim Parker was the first competitor to find this station with various other teams rushing off to Cleeves Hill only to find it right back near to where they left their cars.

Station B was situated 18.75km from the start in Stoke Park Wood near to Stoke Goldington. This site was manned by Chris G3MPZ and Kelvin M0EBU. A mass of aerial wire was erected around the wood giving some teams quite a run around. The first into this station was Dick Brocks (Torbay Tigers). Dick was the only team to try this way round. The first team to arrive at Station "B" for their second TX was Peter Lisle followed some minutes later by Brian Bristow.

Tea was supplied by Ian Rabbit, G1BHR and Jane Rabbit, M3BQT at the Camp Hill community centre. Peter and Brian gave their interpretations on how they did it. Alan Simmons and Tim Parker were announced as the two teams qualifying for the National Final in September.

My thanks to all the competitors for supporting the Northampton Event on a very fine day and also thanks to the operators and other members of the Northampton Radio Club - Peter G0FJS, Adrian M6RPG and Ian M6RDF.

Richard Steele G6TVB

Position Competitor Finish Time A Time B
1 Peter Lisle 15:36:26 14:34:43 15:36:26
2 Brian Bristow 15:44:24 14:50:27 15:44:24
3 Mark Coventry 15:46:45 14:34:37 15:46:45
4 Alan Simmons 15:47:09 14:32:25 15:47:09
5 Tim Parker 15:51:14 14:30:28 15:51:14
6 George Whenham 15:52:19 14:35:19 15:52:19
7 Andy Collett 15:52:29 14:48:40 15:52:29
8 Graham Phillips 15:54:39 14:34:26 15:54:39
9 Colin Merry 16:17:25 14:52:39 16:17:25
10 David Ryan 16:17:41 14:42:37 16:17:41
11 Geoffrey Foster 16:18:47 14:34:47 16:18:47
12 Bill Pechey 16:18:53 14:42:30 16:18:53
13 Dick Brocks 16:25:52 16:25:52 15:09:04
14 Roy Emeny 14:51:45 14:51:45 -