2009 National Qualifier No. 5

28 June 2009

The start

Fourteen teams assembled at Dovers Hill National Trust car park just west of Chipping Campden. Most teams received weak but readable signals from the hidden transmitters, however, a small group struggled to plot sensible bearings and George Whenham, who kindly acted as starter for the event, was obliged to remain at the start a little longer to provide them with emergency bearings.

Station A G3TRY/P on 1920 KHz operated by Graham Nicholls G4 DLB

Was located almost due east of the start at a distance of just over 30Km. The check point was located in hawthorn and wild rose bushes along side the “Saltway” cycle track, an ancient track forming the southern boundary to Banbury. The antenna was a simple half wave endfed wire running at right angles to the cycle track.

Pleasure was obtained during the afternoon watching contestants streaking past my hide and disappearing for some time in search of aerial wire. This apart from Rosie and Doreen who amazingly just slipped straight through the undergrowth without fuss to clock in and slide silently away.

Geoff was first on site, streaking past, his Lycra shinning in the sun like a giant kingfisher, be it a rather noisy one. Sadly, Geoff sped by and was not seen for nearly half an hour. Andy Collett was by far the noisiest contestant on site during the day but by that time the competition had been long won by Peter Lisle who completed the course with three quarters of an hour to spare.

Only three teams attempted to find this station first however George, having lost reception of the B station, had no option but to track back across the map to locate Station A.

Twelve teams located the station during the afternoon.

Station B G4 MDF/P on 1960 KHz operated by Colin Boyce G4 XWP with Mick Mallinson in attendance

Was located just east of north from the start and also just over 30km distant. This station was situated very close to the Grand union Canal 10km North West of Warwick. The transmitter itself was alongside a bridle way running around 50 feet above the canal tow path. The antenna was a simple full wave endfed draped along a hedgerow. This was end on to the start and also ran parallel to nearby power lines. The combination appeared to give some contestants problems with variable signal strengths during the afternoon.

It was hoped that the canal would prove a great attraction to competitors however most teams did locate the true hide-out without difficulty. Sadly Doreen who had made such a good start to the day was one of those trapped by the attempted bluff. A public road ran down to the canal and to within a couple of hundred metres of the transmitter, however very few ventured down. Mick Mallinson was left on duty to check on this but such was the excitement of the day he fell asleep in the nearby church car park. Fortunately Brian Bristow found him and took great delight in reviving him with a shrill blast of his car horn.

Eleven teams found Colin during the afternoon.


Thirty five attended Wroxton village hall afterwards.

Peter Lisle received the Banbury shield for his first time and explained his success, amazingly he had only taken 62 minutes between check points, it had taken the organisers 45 minutes to complete the same course without stopping. Dick Brocks of the Torbay Tigers took second place finishing eighteen minutes behind Peter. Doreen won the battle of the ladies giving her opportunity to choose her prize.

Finally a small presentation was made to Colin Boyce who would be celebrating his 69th birthday in the coming week...

Peter Lisle becomes the 18th winner of the Banbury shield.

Many many thanks to Ronnie, Daphne and Duncan for yet another fantastic DF tea; George for acting as starter once again; Brian for providing the transmitters and clocks.

Happy Birthday, Colin.

Graham Nicholls

Position Competitor Finish Time A Time B
1 Peter Lisle 15:44:49 15:44:49 14:42:33
2 Dick Brocks 16:03:36 16:03:36 14:43:55
3 Graham Phillips 16:06:31 16:06:31 14:49:20
4 Steve Stone 16:08:07 16:08:07 14:44:11
5 Roy Emeny 16:09:54 16:09:54 14:52:34
6 Andy Collett 16:17:04 16:17:04 14:44:03
7 Brian Bristow 16:22:57 16:22:57 14:56:01
8 Geoffrey Foster 16:23:53 15:17:09 16:23:53
9 Alan Simmons 16:24:06 16:24:06 14:56:28
10 Mark Coventry 14:52:49 - 14:52:49
11 Doreen Pechey 14:54:41 14:54:41 -
12 Rosie Merry 15:08:11 15:08:11 -
13 John Mullins 15:30:59 - 15:30:59
14 George Whenham 16:21:56 16:21:56 -