2009 National Qualifier No. 7

16 August 2009

Nine teams assembled at the Shakerley Mere start for a dry and warm afternoon's Dfing. Both stations were heard at the start with most teams being happy with both bearings and leaving immediately. Some teams were uncertain with their bearings for the southern transmitter due to a large variation. The event went off very well despite a number of potential problems with cancelled tea event, change of map, transmitter battery problems (the stairlift is now working again!) and clock problems.

Station A was located in a small row of trees at SJ 938 496. This was downhill slightly from a fairly large plantation of rhododendrons, neither of which are marked on the map. The station was originally going to be located in the plantation however, whilst setting up the antenna, a local man explained that shooting takes place in there on Sundays! The operator, Bill Pechey, got set up and organised at about 11 o'clock and sat about getting very lonely until about 4 o'clock when it seemed that the entire complement of contestants arrived on site.

Station B was located just off a dismantled railway line at SJ 915 652. The shortest entry to this one was not very obvious with the public footpath going in through a small industrial area. This site had about 600m of wire out, forming loops and double backs and threading in and out of a number of very good hiding places. Colin and Peter Metcalfe provided the enjoyment here including the addition of their own 'Private Property' sign to add to the delights.

In all 6 teams found both stations and all teams found at least one transmitter, with Geoffrey Foster winning, Steve Stone coming second and Rosie Merry winning the ladies prize.

The event culminated at Cheddleton Village Community Centre,and the success of the event was completed by an excellent tea provided by Anne and Rosemary.

Neil Woodley

Position Competitor Finish Time A Time B
1 Geoffrey Foster 16:06:37 16:06:37 14:55:11
2 Steve Stone 16:06:54 16:06:54 14:53:59
3 George Whenham 16:07:20 16:07:20 14:51:08
4 Chris Plummer 16:09:34 16:09:34 15:06:59
5 John Mullins 16:15:28 16:15:28 14:55:57
6 Paul Clark 14:49:29 - 14:49:29
7 Rosie Merry 14:54:42 - 14:54:42
8 Graham Nicholls 15:02:15 - 15:02:15
9 Graham Jones 16:07:11 16:07:11 -