2010 National Qualifier No. 1

11 April 2010

14 teams took part in the Coventry DF qualifying event, the first of the season. Teams started at Burbage Common, last used some 20 years ago, where good signals were heard from both stations.

Station A, G4CFG/P, was hidden on the bank of a disused railway approximately 10km from the start at a bearing of 102 degrees. The aerial was a long wire terminated on a barbed wire fence which proved very effective. Andrew Mead was first in here, closely followed by Tim Parker with Steve Stone a few minutes behind them.

Station B, G4KZU/P, was located in Bubbenhall Wood approximately 25km from the start at a bearing of 197 degrees. Although undergrowth was a bit sparse there were a few holly bushes around and one of them provided enough cover for the transmitter and operator. The aerial was a long wire tied off at another holly bush. Steve managed to make up the deficit on the first transmitter to beat Andrew and Tim by a whisker.

Jim Smith, who is a newcomer to top band direction finding, found station A on his own using a borrowed set beating a couple of seasoned DFers. Well done Jim, we hope to see you again soon.

A hot meal was provided by the Fox Inn at Lutterworth where Steve Stone and Tim Parker told all the other competitors how they had managed to lead the field. This was a great effort by Steve who managed to win despite competing completely on his own. Unfortunately Tim cannot make the final so Steve and Andrew take the qualifying places.

George Whenham

Position Competitor Finish Time A Time B
1 Steve Stone 15:23:26 14:27:17 15:23:26
2 Tim Parker 15:23:31 14:16:22 15:23:31
3 Andrew Mead 15:24:15 14:16:02 15:24:15
4 Geoffrey Foster 15:27:46 15:27:46 14:39:06
5 Alan Simmons 15:45:56 15:45:56 14:39:21
6 Paul Clark 15:53:06 14:29:40 15:53:06
7 Rosie Merry 15:54:10 15:54:10 14:55:58
8 Roy Emeny 16:07:38 16:07:38 14:56:14
9 Brian Bristow 16:24:53 16:24:53 15:24:03
10 Bill Pechey 16:28:26 16:28:26 15:23:36
11 Graham Jones 14:45:40 14:45:40 -
12 Jim Smith 14:52:00 14:52:00 -
13 Graham Phillips 15:11:02 15:11:02 -
14 Chris Plummer 15:47:09 15:47:09 -