2010 National Qualifier No. 8

05 September 2010

This year the transmit sites were kept close together (8km) and fairly close to the start so that really difficult antenna systems and hides could be used.

That was the intention.

The antenna systems and dummy antennas took a good deal of the Saturday to put up. Transmitter B was about 0.5km deep into the pine forest at the top of Haldon Hill with 4 earth stakes and over 300m of antenna wire radiating out from a path crossroads.

The tests on this system showed nulls pointing to all the earth stakes but not where the operator was hidden.

So it was really upsetting when three teams arrived on Sunday and were not put off by all the wire and earth stakes but just hit it hard and went through the defences as if they knew where he was. Their years of experience just paid off.

Luckily other teams took 30 minutes or longer to puzzle it out so some of our effort paid off.

The other station was using two of the pylon systems running through Lower Wear on the North bank of the River Exe running through Exeter. I have powered pylons in the past, but this was a chance to use two pylon runs in push pull as two towers were only about 30m apart.

George had spent a lot of time around these pylons some years ago when the transmit site was on the Countess Wear island and talked very highly of the site, so it was inevitable that it had to be used at some time.

People's bearings on this site showed very varied results and yet the winner and the first four teams in decided where the transmitter was hidden and came in to make it a very rapid finish.

Some teams had very poor bearings on this site and found it hard to leave the pylons as the signal was so strong but eventually most teams found it to the correct pylon pair.

Paul Clark

Position Competitor Finish Time A Time B
1 Brian Bristow 15:12:07 15:12:07 14:14:49
2 Rosie and Colin Merry 15:18:09 15:18:09 14:23:21
3 Dick Brocks 15:19:00 15:19:00 14:39:53
4 Graham Phillips 15:19:37 15:19:37 14:20:20
5 Graham Nicholls 15:53:44 15:53:44 14:51:03
6 Geoffrey Foster 15:55:33 15:55:33 14:44:56
7 George Whenham 16:05:21 16:05:21 14:47:10
8 Steve Stone 16:05:55 16:05:55 14:44:04
9 Mr X and Mr Y 14:44:26 - 14:44:26
10 Graham Jones 16:06:03 16:06:03 -