2011 National Qualifier No. 3

26 June 2011

14 teams were sent off on a very warm and sunny afternoon by the two starters, Richard G6TVB and Nigel G6MKJ, from a layby on the A508 south of Stoke Bruerne. Participants reported good signals from both stations and all set off promptly in search of the two fox stations.

Station A operated by John G4CZB was located inside an overgrown bush of sycamore adjacent to one of a number of footpaths leading south towards Syresham from Wappenham. The closest approach was from Astwell Park farm where the footpath made its way across a field of rape. Unfortunately the rape was found to be difficult to pass through as although the landowner had cleared the track, the rape had ripened and collapsed inwards making any progress along this access route hard work. The antenna was run along the field hedge leading back towards Wappenham with a counterpoise fed out at 90 degrees and hidden among a crop of field beans. The shade of the dense sycamore was very welcome on an afternoon that eventually became very hot. All 14 teams eventually found this station, the last man in with just 30 seconds to go.

The B station was manned by Nigel M0GWK and Bob 2E0KAK and presented a different set of obstacles for those seeking it out as it was surrounded by water on three sides. There were lakes, a canal, a disused railway and other parts of the river Nene in close proximity to present many possible sites to challenge the participants. The two foxes were hidden within a small copse with the antenna roughly in a circle around them. The end of the counterpoise was in the water and there was plenty of rough and high vegetation around the approaches to the copse. Ten teams managed to locate them successfully but there was much swearing from at least one team on the wrong side of the water!V

After the event everyone enjoyed tea followed by announcement of the results in Yardley Gobion Village Hall. The winner Alan Simmons and runner-up Geoffrey Foster gave some interesting feedback on how they located the two hidden stations. Well done to all the competitors for some energetic running around in the sunshine. Once again tea was laid on by the ladies of the local WI so many thanks to all of them for another excellent spread.

John G4CZB

Position Competitor Finish Time A Time B
1 Alan Simmons 15:52:03 14:40:39 15:52:03
2 Geoffrey Foster 15:52:17 14:50:03 15:52:17
3 Graham Nicholls 15:52:35 14:50:32 15:52:35
4 Peter Lisle 15:57:12 15:57:12 15:09:06
5 Brian Bristow 16:04:18 16:04:18 15:03:02
6 Colin Merry 16:12:52 14:50:12 16:12:52
7 Mark Coventry 16:15:42 16:15:42 14:45:27
8 Paul Clark 16:18:32 15:28:22 16:18:32
9 John Mullins 16:21:26 14:34:19 16:21:26
10 Bill Pechey 16:29:43 16:29:43 15:18:36
11 George Whenham 14:58:19 14:58:19 -
12 Graham Jones 15:01:50 15:01:50 -
13 Graham Phillips 15:12:37 15:12:37 -
14 Ray Goodearl 15:13:17 15:13:17 -