2012 National Qualifier No. 1

13 May 2012

Nine teams met on a sunny Sunday at Whiteleaf car park near Princes Risborough. (Team No 6, Bill Pechey had a senior moment and was still in his arm chair when we contacted him!)

Two good signals were heard by all. Station A (Colin Boyce) was in a north easterly direction 4km from the start and attenuated.

Station B (Roger Shepherd) was in a westerly direction approx 20km and very strong.

A number of competitors were misled by signal strengh by either going too far or too short. (That was the plan)

In the end Colin Merry and Rosie triumphed.

Alan Simmons

Note from Bill: After the phone call I got all my kit together and jumped into the car. I got onto the map at about 2:30 and heard Roger. I found him and got a good hint about the other site from Rosie. I got there with a couple of minutes to spare - nothing counted, of course, but I had a pleasant afternoon.

Position Competitor Finish Time A Time B
1 Colin Merry 15:36:06 14:35:33 15:36:06
2 Graham Jones 15:41:15 15:41:15 14:17:04
3 Andy Collett 15:49:59 14:35:38 15:49:59
4 Peter Lisle 15:50:57 14:47:41 15:50:57
5 Geoffrey Foster 15:53:22 15:53:22 14:44:32
6 Tim Parker 16:04:01 15:02:37 16:04:01
7 John Mullins 16:17:59 16:17:59 15:12:13
8 Mark Coventry 14:48:03 14:48:03 -
9 George Whenham 15:38:46 - 15:38:46