2013 National Qualifier No. 3

19 May 2013

Many thanks for supporting my effort on Sunday. There were two signals at the start so I think that most people were happy. Station A was run by Ray Goodearl, well hidden Under the old railway at Downton, (used about 25 years ago when that rascal G4KBB won it, several entries swam the river, but not me as I called encouragement from the west bank).

The front runners were gone before 2.30 so it looked as if it was going to an early tea. Station B was run by Min and was hidden in an insignificant bit of undergrowth up on Salisbury plain within feet of a very drivable by-way, which although had signs saying "Beware of Tanks" was completely legal. However there was a identical by-way about 1 km west which showed a very healthy forest-looking green splodge on the map. It must have been magnetic because seven out of eight decided that Min must be there, sadly not true and they all had long walks over very hard going to correct the mistake. However, one competitor chose to take the other option and do the event B to A and it stood him in good fortune and avoiding my carefully laid plans won the event in grand style at least 35 mins before the next man. Well done Roy!!!

Many thanks for your support and I was pleased the Pub provided good grub.

Colin Boyce

Position Competitor Finish Time A Time B
1 Roy Emeny 15:38 15:38 14:33
2 Andy Collett 16:10 14:32:20 16:10
3 Peter Lisle 16:11 14:14 16:11
4 Mark Coventry 16:12 14:30 16:12
5 Geoffrey Foster 16:13 14:58 16:13
6 Alan Simmons 16:14 14:23 16:14
7 John Mullins 16:15 14:32 16:15
8 Chris Plummer 16:20 15:02 16:20