2014 National Qualifier No. 6

31 August 2014

Thank you all for coming to the event,as I promised you would be teased a bit as always!

Two good signals at the start which pleased both Paul and myself. Station A was in some evil rough above Sidmouth which because of the wet, then sunny weather was very thick and hard going. Some teams spent up to half an hour and then found that they had found Fred! Start again! They must hate dummies but all adds to the fun.

The second station was poised above the cutting of the A30 with horrible access via the very high footbridge(not to Bill's liking, it appears), the additional danger being a very belligerent yeti guarding the set (thanks Matt).

Graham Phillips managed to avoid the pitfalls and romped home not long after 15.30 so next year a ball and chain is called for to slow him down.

Tea at the pub was good and everyone got away in good time.

Thanks again for your support.

Colin Boyce

Paul Clark has also written a report in MS Word format which you can view here . It has a lot of embedded images and is almost 5 Mbytes.

Position Competitor Finish Time A Time B
1 Graham Phillips 15:35:11 15:35:11 14:42:39
2 Bill Pechey 16:07:29 15:09:19 16:07:29
3 Alan Simmons 16:11:46 16:11:46 14:53:27
4 Chris Plummer 16:17:01 16:17:01 14:57:00
5 Rosie Merry 16:17:16 16:17:16 14:40:56
6 Geoffrey Foster 16:25:50 16:25:50 14:45:19
7 Dick Brocks 14:42:25 - 14:42:25