2017 Collier Cup round 4

07 July 2017

The site chosen was some woods near Chartridge, NGR 924038. It was just over 20km from the start on a bearing of 67 degrees The site was fairly open woodland but had lots of paths running through it with a number of possible ways in, some close and some further away. The aerial was about 40m of wire in the trees. As well as an earth stake I connected the earth to the nearby barbed wire fence to act as a counterpoise. As there wasn't a lot of cover, I sat behind a large tree facing the field at the edge of the wood. Six teams took part and a weak signal was heard at the start by everybody.

All was quiet, apart from dog walkers, until the 2040 transmission when Steve appeared on the nearby path. He came quite close to me but walked away. Steve was followed by Graham who walked along the fence quite close to where I was hiding, looked straight at me and then walked away. Dave did exactly the same a couple of minutes later before Steve eventually found me and clocked in. Graham followed soon after. The remaining competitors followed at regular intervals and everybody had clocked in by 2110. We then met in the Bell at Chartridge for a beer or two.

John Mullins

Competitor Time Adj. Time Time Diff. Score Bill North
Steve Stone 20:44:37 20:44:37 00:00:00 -5 10
Graham Phillips 20:46:11 20:46:11 00:01:34 3 6
Alan Simmons 20:52:54 20:52:54 00:08:17 11 4
Peter Lisle 21:02:50 21:02:50 00:18:13 22 3
Brian Bristow 21:06:18 21:06:18 00:21:41 26 2
Geoffrey Foster 21:09:39 21:09:39 00:25:02 31 1
John Mullins op - - - 4