2017 Collier Cup round 7

06 October 2017

Five teams assembled at Cowleaze Wood for the last Collier Cup event of the year with Justin on the transmitter. Everybody heard the first transmission at 1930 although there was some sky wave making it difficult to obtain an accurate bearing. Most people plotted around 200 degrees which indicated that the site was on the Reading and Windsor map. I got to Peppard Common for the 2000 transmission. The signal was quite strong, probably only a couple of miles away. At 2015 I was at Gallowstree Common where the signal was even stronger. The last two bearings crossed near a footpath at the top end of a wood called New Copse. I waited by the footpath for the 2030 transmission which was strong enough to start walking and it also indicated which direction to take as there were woods on both sides of the road. At 2040 the signal took me into some more dense cover towards the site. I was surprised that there was nobody else around. I then spent a fruitless 20 minutes searching for the operator. Steve Stone arrived on site and we both wandered around searching in vain. Finally, Peter Lisle appeared and found the operator almost straight away in some dense rhododendrons. Steve and myself followed him in. Graham and Dave arrived on site soon after and clocked in. We all adjourned to the Butcher's Arms in Sonning Common where we were joined by Don Field, editor of Practical Wireless. V

Thanks to Justin for running a challenging (for me anyway) event.V

John Mullins

Competitor Time Adj. Time Time Diff. Score Bill North
Peter Lisle 21:11:36 21:11:36 00:00:00 -5 10
John Mullins 21:14:59 21:14:59 00:03:23 5 6
Steve Stone 21:15:24 21:15:24 00:03:48 6 4
Graham Phillips 21:16:52 21:16:52 00:05:16 9 3
Brian Bristow NF 21:36:52 00:25:16 30 2
Justin Snow op - - - 4