2017 Eric Mollart Memorial Trophy

28 October 2017

Six teams assembled at Northchurch Common for this three station event. Station A was operated by Steve and was situated just to the west of Wendover on Bacombe Hill. Station B was operated by Brian and was on Hyde Heath Common - quite close to the supper location! Both these station were about 12km from the start. Station C was operated by Ray and was situated to the south-west of Chinnor near the hamlet of Crowell, close to The Ridgeway and was about 25km from the start.

The first transmissions were at 1620 and all stations could be heard at the start although station C was very weak. As a result, a couple of teams asked for approximate bearings on C. Fortunately for everybody, the weather was kind and it stayed dry for the entire evening although it did start to get cold after sunset.

Everybody made their way to the supper location which was The Plough at Hyde Heath. After the clocks had been downloaded, Justin was declared the winner, finishing with an hour to spare. Most teams found 3 stations so the difficulty was probably about right. Thanks to the 3 operators, Steve, Brian and Ray for sitting out in the cold for over 4 hours and to Peter for organising the supper.

John Mullins

Position Competitor Finish Time A Time B Time C
1 Justin Snow 19:53:05 19:53:05 19:14:40 17:51:24
2 Geoffrey Foster 20:17:28 18:39:07 17:48:59 20:17:28
3 Alan Simmons 20:17:40 18:52:17 17:48:47 20:17:40
4 Peter Lisle 20:51:58 20:51:58 20:00:59 18:40:46
5 Graham Phillips 20:54:01 18:08:29 19:29:27 20:54:01
6 Tim Parker 19:22:05 - 19:22:05 17:51:36