2017 Gage-Tyler Cup round 4

21 June 2017

I had planned for a completely different site, but on finding that Ascot Week could possibly affect travel started looking for another location.

Ruislip Lido has always interested me - a water storage facility for the Grand Junction canal in 1811, and opened as the Lido in 1933. I remember it from the film, the Young Ones in 1962. Click here to see the video

Ruislip Lido

Dave Ryan and I arrived on site at about 6.15 and, with the catapult, put up the inverted-Vee aerial, about 65 feet high and 250 long. A 66 foot counterpoise earth was used, as well as a short earth rod. After tuning the transmitter, we logged onto the web Software Defined Radio at the Hack Green site in Cheshire and checked that we were radiating a signal. Click to see the SDR

Geoff Foster with Phil Arnold were the first to arrive, and after logging-in, Geoff buried himself in some brambles so as to be less visible to the other competitors in the vicinity!

After the event, we met up at "The Soldier's Return" pub in Ickenham.

Graham Phillips, G3XTZ

Competitor Time Adj. Time Time Diff. Score Bill North
Geoffrey Foster 20:51:43 20:51:43 00:00:00 -5 10
Bill Pechey 20:55:01 20:55:01 00:03:18 5 6
Justin Snow 20:55:30 20:55:30 00:03:47 6 4
Steve Stone 21:09:43 21:09:43 00:18:00 22 3
Alan Simmons 21:20:30 21:20:30 00:28:47 33 2
John Mullins 21:24:42 21:24:42 00:32:59 38 1
Mark Coventry NF 21:44:42 00:52:59 59 0
Graham Phillips op - - - 4