2017 National Qualifer No. 7

13 August 2107

There were two weak signals at the start but everyone was happy with the bearings so no approximates were needed. As it turned out, my bearings were not very good but they did put us in the right area. The roads in the area are not well placed to travel north-south so we couldn't get to where we wanted to go by 2pm. However, the 2pm bearings were good but we still couldn't get to where we wanted for the next transmission. At about 14:20 we parked in some woodland and heard a signal from Justin's transmitter. Before returning to the car I checked Graham and Dave's frequency and the signal was very strong, within walking distance. I got Doreen to plot the other bearing and set off. By the time the transmission had gone off, I was in a pretty nasty area with lots of difficult shrub-like stuff. The ground was also tussocky and boggy in places which made the going very slow. The next transmission drew me to a place where I located some brown wire and, for once, followed it in the right direction! I was sure I must be first in but Graham told me that Steve had been in about 15 minutes before!

We then set off for Justin's station. Our cross was very close to a large public car park for an arboretum. We got out of the car and set off. We soon came across a high hedge and decided to go back and drive further on. We drove much further than was indicated by the strength of the signal and eventually parked near the White Horse pub. There was a footpath from there that went up a hill at a reasonable, but long, slope. We were near the top of the hill when the transmitter came on; it was very strong and directed me through a piece of woodland that was littered with long-dead, fallen trees and a lot of rhododendrons. This made progress slow. I later found that if I'd carried along the path, I could have reached the transmitter with much less hassle. It was about here that Doreen lost contact with me and decided to sit on a tree trunk and await my return.

After flogging through the woodland I came across a good path on the edge of a steep slope. I decided not to venture down until I was sure that the transmitter was down there. It came on and confirmed my fears, so I had to go onwards. I soon found an indistinct path that made the slope easier. Then I hit the really tough jungle. It took a while to get through to somewhere near the transmitter. The last few yards were easier physically but difficult electrically. I eventually found Justin by just quartering the area - the set was not much help. I was rather surprised that I was first in because it had taken an hour and a half from when I found Graham's transmitter and the distance between the two was not very great.

I found it a very good DF with plenty of challenging terrain. I must admit to a fair amount of luck, particularly on the first transmitter.

Bill Pechey

Position Competitor Finish Time A Time B
1 Bill Pechey 16:05:45 16:05:45 14:35:23
2 Matthew Clark 16:19:26 16:19:26 15:03:28
3 Geoffrey Foster 16:19:33 16:19:33 15:07:09
4 Peter Lisle 16:19:55 16:19:55 15:07:38
5 Colin Merry 16:20:41 16:20:41 14:58:41
6 John Mullins 16:20:56 16:20:56 15:07:31
7 Steve Stone 14:23:34 - 14:23:34