2018 Gage-Tyler Cup round 2

18 April 2018

Vague and very weak signal at the start, had a null of about 37 degrees which was not far off, but lots of skywave I think. As usual I tried to second guess where Mark might be and went up to Holmer Green, which was a couple of miles too far. Next transmission said 170 degrees, right through the middle of Beaconsfield. I managed to get down as far as the East side of Beaconsfield for the 20:15 transmission and I got a cross in the Holtspur area. This did not look very encouraging. For 20:30 I was south of the area on Broad Lane and got another bearing crossing right in the middle of Holtspur! Still unconvinced I went out west, just north of the railway line on the lane leading out of Wooburn Moor for 20:40. Still it crossed with my other bearings right in the middle of Holtspur on the playing fields, though it was the only bearing to go close to the TX.

So, with no other options, I drove to the playing fields. Of course he wasn't there, but the set said not too far away to the west in an area marked as a nature reserve. I set off on foot in that direction, but could not find a way through the houses, so despondently trudged back to the car. I was on the verge of packing it in, but decided to drive about to look for the footpath that heads to the Sewage works further to the north. Eventually I found it and gave it one last effort, sprinting down the hill and finding a track off to the left towards where I thought the TX was located. While trotting along I came about a rather exhausted looking Graham and David. With that encouragement I ran up the hill, the set taking me slightly to the left of the TX, then round to the right and hey presto! An antenna! A few more seconds thrashing the bushes with encouraging words from the operator and I managed to get in barely a minute before Graham. Alan had of course been there for about 15 minutes. How does he do it!

Justin Snow

Competitor Time Adj. Time Time Diff. Score Bill North
Alan Simmons 21:15:05 21:15:05 00:00:00 -5 10
Justin Snow 21:24:15 21:24:15 00:09:10 11 6
Graham Phillips 21:24:45 21:24:45 00:09:40 12 4
Steve Stone NF 21:44:45 00:29:40 33 3
Geoffrey Foster NF 21:44:45 00:29:40 33 3
John Mullins NF 21:44:45 00:29:40 33 3
Mark Coventry op - - - 4