2018 National Qualifier No. 1

22 April 2018

Organiser's Report

In the weeks before the event I spent quite a lot of time searching for suitable sites. Many wooded areas had very little cover and the ground in many places was wet and boggy. I eventually settled on two sites which were not too far from the tea location so that competitors would not all go to the same station first. The first site was near Bradenham Woods on a footpath leading to Lacey Green. The intention here was that competitors would spot the operator's car in the Bradenham Woods NT car park and head off the wrong way into the nearby woods.

A few teams were fooled by this. The other site was near the village of Ilmer in a small wood which wasn't marked on older maps. There were also electricity cables nearby which caused quite a bit of confusion during the contest. It turned out that some teams had a long walk in to this site because of the power lines. Also the operator, Min, had parked his car near a couple of other footpaths in the village, neither of which led to the site.

Most contestants managed to find both station by 1630 and everybody assembled at Risborough Community Centre for an excellent tea provided by Pam and her sisters and daughter.

Thanks to Roger and Min for operating the two stations.

John Mullins

Winner's Report

Not having had much success over the last couple of years, it came as a surprise to do well at this event.

Only one signal at the start on Station B, nothing heard from Roger. Plotted 250 on Station B, which as it turned out was only a few degrees out. The approx. on A along with the >20km indication told me that probably the Bradenham area.

Only got as far as Halton for 2pm. Bearing on B indicated towards Longwick. Surprised to find a cracking signal from A, so donít know what was wrong at the start. The bearing A was spot on as it turned out.

Kept going for B and got to Meadle for the next signal, met up with Colin and Rosie. Strong signal almost due West. Did wonder about the woods nearby, but eventually decided that the railway at Ilmer was more likely. Drove down the lane under the railway, but didnít see any likely vehicles, so turned around at waited at the end of the road. When the signal came on, it confirmed it was here.

Doreen was just parking up, so continued going until I could find somewhere to park. Met Graham and Alan, who has also just parked up. Followed them up into the wooded area and we all waited until the signal came up before ploughing into the woods. Followed the signal up to the railway and spotted the aerial. First bit of luck was that Min was under the bit I found, he could have been at the other end.

Even though it was now 3pm, decided to have a go at A and went straight down to the Bradenham area. Second bit of luck, just got to Saunderton and the signal came on. Turned into Smalldean lane and parked. Signal very strong, so continued up the lane to the car park. Much joy to see Johnís car there.

Third bit of luck, Dick and Matt arrived back at their car at the same time. Their direction of arrival told me Roger wasnít in the adjacent woods. Followed Tim up into the small bit of wood. Met John with camera who said that nobody got to Roger before 3pm, so all not lost.

Tim and I hunted around a bit when the signal came on, but luckily I found the right bit of thick undergrowth without too much trouble.

Thanks to John and the operators, special thanks to Pam and the team for an excellent tea.

Steve Stone

Position Competitor Finish Time A Time B Between
1Steve Stone15:39:1215:39:1214:59:5500:39:17
2Rosie Merry15:41:4015:41:4015:01:0200:40:38
3Graham Phillips15:47:4815:47:4815:00:2100:47:27
4Bill Pechey15:53:4815:53:4815:03:1600:50:32
5Peter Lisle16:02:4215:02:2716:02:4201:00:15
6Justin Snow16:03:4415:02:3816:03:4401:01:06
7Tim Parker16:11:1315:39:5016:11:1300:31:23
8Matthew Clark16:12:1615:23:4416:12:1600:48:32
9Geoffrey Foster16:14:3915:03:3116:14:3901:11:08
10Mark Coventry16:16:5615:42:1016:16:5600:34:46
11George Whenham16:24:2315:44:1116:24:2300:40:12
12Alan Williams16:25:37-16:25:37-