2018 National Qualifier No. 2

13 April 2018

Organisers' Report

In an attempt to encourage more competitors we chose the OS map to the west, favouring most participants. The plan was to have 2 stations not too far apart with simple aerials. Many sites were visited, which looked good on the map, but turned out to have insufficient cover. We finally decided on a chain of woods and footpaths on NT land near Outwood, approximately 10km to the South East of the start for A. The challenge was to be choosing the right way in. Colinís car was parked a mile away in a car park, so as not to give away the best approach. Station B was located in a forested area of Limpsfield Chart, just under 20km East. The nearest parking was a gate within 200m of Rosieís station.

At the start on Reigate Heath station A was a moderate signal to the south-east and station B was a weak signal to the east. Approximately half competitors chose station A first. Colin was hidden about 2 metres off the ground, wedged in a tree. The aerial ran along the adjacent hedgerow. As competitors bent to enter the undergrowth Colin was perched just above them. Rosie was hidden in a pit under conifers, obscured by foliage, only 10m from the public footpath. Many competitors went right past without spotting her as she was very well concealed. A dummy aerial was also erected on the day for extra entertainment.

Thanks to everyone who came and supported us. Also thanks to John Mullins for acting as starter, and to Ian (from the old Dartford Heath Club) for assisting Rosie on the day, at fairly short notice.

Colin and Rosie Merry

Position Competitor Finish Time A Time B Between
1Justin Snow16:00:4914:42:1816:00:4901:18:31
2Matt Clark16:01:5414:46:4016:01:5401:15:14
3Graham Phillips16:19:2516:19:2515:14:2401:05:01
4Bill Pechey16:25:0716:25:0714:45:0901:39:58
5Geoffrey Foster16:25:1016:25:1015:10:0501:15:05
6John Mullins15:17:1315:17:13  
7Andy Collett15:30:09 15:30:09