2018 National Qualifier No. 3

03 June 2018

We were lucky with hot sunny weather all day for the event.

Five competitors for the qualifier.

Three went to Matt who was near Budleigh Salterton.

Matt's site

Matt was on the left bank of the river with the antenna shot over the river.

Teams went both sides of the river before tracking him down.

I was in deep pine cover over the river Exe.

Paul's site

Colin Rosie and Graham spent a fair bit of time quartering the wood before finally finding me.

Here's a picture of Steve Stone telling us how he did it.

Steve at the tea

Thanks to all for supporting the event.

Thanks to Matt and Dick for helping put it on.

Paul Clark

Position Competitor Finish Time A Time B
1 Steve Stone 16:11:50 16:11:50 15:11.00
2 Colin Merry 16:15:00 15:26:03 16:15:00
3 John Mullins 16:22:27 16:22:27 15:01:00
4 Geoffrey Foster 16:23:27 16:23:27 14:58:00
5 Graham Jones 16:29:00 15:25:55 16:29:00