2019 Collier Cup round 5

02 August 2019

Operator's Report

Well, finally managed a date to run a evening event without getting wet or bitten! After three site changes due to age and poorly back decided to site the TX within 5km of the start at what is known as Cadmore End Common (not much common as old clay pits).

Finally putting up a very low quarter wave aerial with a short counterpoise wound down the TX hoping its just audible at start! To my surprise, skywave hit the start and caused much annoyance plus my bearing of 90 degrees did not help. Waiting for surge of competitors in at 20;15 - nowt, nor 20:30 or 20;40. Just before the 20:50 signal torches appeared, with signal on, all went quiet until just before the 21:00 transmission then great.

Four teams arrived on site and with little effort came in with steady procession, with the fifth team in after some expert guidance. Two teams called it a day (sorry).

The nice thing regards this event I was using G3TRY/P - Bill North's old callsign. Bill suddenly passed away some years ago in August circa 14th.

It was good see all the familiar faces again. Thanks.

Brian Bristow

Winner's Report

It was good to see you out on a DF again, Brian, even if only on the TX. I would dispute the distance to the start though, I make it about 7.5 km.

It was a tricky signal at the start and at least the approximate was better than my own bearing, which was nearer 70 degrees! However I decided to err to the North of the approximate and went to the cross roads just south of Lacey Green for 8pm! However I did get a very accurate bearing from there (272 degrees iirc). I was a bit slow getting south and only made it to Piddington for 8:15pm. The bearing from there was a bit rubbish, but went in the right general direction. I headed to a bridge over the M40 by Bolter End, figuring you were either in the common or in the little wood to the south of the B482 (still within the 4km from the approximate). I decided to wait for the next transmission before running in. Indeed the 8:30pm transmission said you were in the common, close to the side of the motorway. On site the set was a bit misleading for me and I ended up under the nearby power lines. I bumped into Alan at about that time too.

A couple of transmissions later after searching through all sorts of super hiding places I found Roger examining some holly bushes in more detail than could be considered a coincidence. Shortly I found the wire and traced it to the far end. A quick about turn and surge through the bushes in the opposite direction and eventually I found the hide with operator! Just managed to get in before Roger.

Thanks for another good one!

Justin Snow

Competitor Time Adj. Time Time Diff. Score Bill North
Justin Snow 21:01:43 21:01:43 00:00:00 -5 10
Roger Shepherd 21:03:00 21:03:00 00:01:17 3 6
Bill Pechey 21:05:03 21:05:03 00:03:20 6 4
Alan Simmons 21:07:43 21:07:43 00:06:00 10 3
Graham Phillips 21:24:18 21:24:18 00:22:35 27 2
Steve Stone NF 21:44:18 00:42:35 48 1
John Mullins NF 21:44:18 00:42:35 48 1
Brian Bristow op - - - 4