2019 Gage-Tyler cup round 2

17 April 2019

Five teams took part in the second Mid Thames Gage Tyler competition, enticed northwards by a reasonably strong signal at the start. The Tx was located in East Wood to the Southeast of Stokenchurch, and had a good height half-wave aerial plus a short earth connection to a long section of barbed wire fence.

Inexplicably, most teams got poor bearings relatively close to the transmitter, so it was not until 8.50pm that the first competitor (Justin) ventured into East Wood and regrettably Steve decided to call it a day with conflicting bearings. Geoff Foster had been somewhat put off by ‘private’ notices on one of the footpaths going into the wood (sorry Geoff – I did not spot any of those), but nevertheless joined Alan and John in venturing into the wood from one of the other footpaths at around 9pm.

Justin made the correct assessment that the fence was part of the aerial system, and progressed along it until he found the connecting wire – subsequently finding the operator nearby. The other teams enjoyed some searching under the main aerial before making their way into the tx.

Peter Lisle

Competitor Time Adj. Time Time Diff. Score Bill North
Justin Snow 21:02:36 21:02:36 00:00:00 -5 10
Alan Simmons 21:15:38 21:15:38 00:13:02 15 6
Geoffrey Foster 21:15:50 21:15:50 00:13:14 16 4
John Mullins 21:16:40 21:16:40 00:14:04 18 3
Steve Stone NF 21:36:40 00:34:04 39 2
Peter Lisle op - - - 4