2109 Gage-Tyler cup round 5

17 July 2019

Working (yes I was supposed to be retired) in Reading meant I was in a hotel all week, but my Vectra with all the DF gear in it was in a repair garage and circumstances meant that the garage was closed last Saturday with my car up on a hoist behind locked doors, so was without my usual gear.

Graham came to the rescue and lent me all I needed (except a torch, more later)

Starting up a steep learning curve with Grahams set, got 160 degrees from the start, at least I think that was it as wih Grahams compass you have to take a bearing and subtract it from 360 degrees to get the right one.

Anyway set off towards Bracknell and just got out of the built up area to the South for the 8pm signal, 140 degrees (I think) but a bit louder than the start.

Next stop was about 2 miles south of the M3 at Bagshot. 8:15 pm Bearing divergent from the other two, but louder again, so set off to country lanes near Chobham, following instincts.

Got to a nice wood at 8:40pm blasting my ears off 180 degrees, hop back in the car, a little way down a side road , bearing now 60 degrees. Conclusion ...right wood. so back to the north side and park.

No-one else about, but so strong he must be here. Wandered into the wood and got near for the 8:50pm signal, round and round a big clump of brambles and dead trees (evidently the wrong end of the antenna) 20 minutes went by trying to decide where Graham was, then Justin turned up, he was equally confused, getting dark by now and handicapped with no torch.

Then Steve also turned up, evidently they had both run about a mile and a half down the side of a golf course. All three of us getting fed up, then Graham gave Steve some clues (before all three of us started beating up the undergrowth), like, turn right, and you have passed me twice, Steve faced me, I looked over his shoulder and saw Graham and Dave behind a chain link fence, got in but couldn't beat them up.

Steve close behind, and Justin out of earshot. It turned out that the TX was virtually in Daves back garden, if only we had known... Justin guided us back to my car, by then John had parked next to me but disappeared.

I then gave Steve and Justin a lift back to their cars only to find Bills empty car parked near them. (John had initially parked there but the signal didn't get louder for him so he retraced his steps and moved his car)

The pub served an acceptable cider, but too late for food. Got back to my hotel also after they had stopped serving food. (better for me I guess)

Anyway thanks to Graham and Dave for putting on the event and our past DFers for keeping the rain off during the event.

Chris Plummer

Competitor Time Adj. Time Time Diff. Score Bill North
Chris Plummer 21:08:21 21:08:21 00:00:00 -5 10
Steve Stone 21:08:35 21:08:35 00:00:14 2 6
Justin Snow 21:11:37 21:11:37 00:03:16 6 4
John Mullins 21:12:33 21:12:33 00:04:12 8 3
Bill Pechey 21:22:31 21:22:31 00:14:10 19 2
Graham Phillips op - - - 4