2020 Gage-Tyler Cup round 5

15 July 2020

Competitor Time Adj. Time Time Diff. Score Bill North
Justin Snow 20:46:00 20:46:00 00:00:00 -5 10
Roger Shepherd 21:09:00 21:09:00 00:23:00 25 6
Graham Phillips 21:13:00 21:13:00 00:27:00 30 4
Geoffrey Foster 21:25:00 21:25:00 00:39:00 43 3
Alan Simmons NF 21:45:00 00:59:00 64 2
Ray Goodearl op - - - 4

Five hearty competitors turned up at Maidenhead Thicket for the first event organised by Mid Thames in this truncated season. Ray Goodearl on the transmitter.

All five heard a reasonable signal at the start and four were very confident that the site was due north. Graham however seemed to be looking south, until he noticed the other four were in the opposite direction. Problem to solve on his new receiver.

The site was simple, just a single aerial thrown up in the trees, in a direct line north from the site. Operator sat in the open, back lent against a tree stump on a pleasant warm evening. Ray thought it would all be over in under an hour, but it proved tricky for some of the five. The location was about 13 km north of the start (bearing 352,) to the south of Downley Wood, on the west side of High Wycombe. Access was from a number of directions, the shortest being from Pheasant Drive, Downley, an open footpath across a field above the railway, with a track leading in to the wood.

The first competitor to show was just after 20.46, and the fourth to find the site arrived at 21.25. Signing in was done manually rather than using the time clocks. This may be the norm until this virus has really gone away.

Afterwards we all retired to the edge of Downley Cricket Clubs outfield, and supped some Rebellion IPA and snacks provided by Roger for whom we thank very much.

An enjoyable evening for all, hopefully some sense of normality may be returning, lets all hope so.

Ray Goodearl