2022 National Qualifier No. 3

15 May 2022

Position Competitor Finish Time A Time B
1 Justin Snow 16:16:00 14:44:36 16:16:00
2 Colin Merry 16:17:27 14:52;15 16:17:27
3 Peter Lisle 16:22:13 14:52:04 16:22:13
4 Paul Clark 14:48:50 14:48:50
5 Geoffrey Foster 14:52:24 14:52:24
6 Graham Phillips 16:06:07 16:06:07

Organiser's report

On a dank Sunday two stations were audible at the start. Station A was South-West at Braziers Common, near Checkendon and Station B near Hillocks Wood close to Princes Risborough. There was about 18 miles between stations. When Ray and I found Station A site it took some 15mins to walk in but that was from the south of the wood.

I was at Staion B and had a lonely afternoon with no one appearing till after 16:00. The aerial was a good height (40ft) and long; perhaps the wet tree canopy had an adverse effect?

The tea was at Bledlow Village Hall and we were entertained by Matt on the piano. Most of the food was devoured so I believe most people enjoyed the tea and seeing each other again.

Alan Simmons

Station A operator's report

The first five teams went onto the second station; Graham, gracefully, along with Dave, helped me retrieve every inch of aerial that was out.

A very wet day, not forecast on any of these wonderful 'apps' on your phones, however it wasn't cold, so bearable, just!!!

A good finish, no winner until 16.15, so full 3 hours entertainment for all competitors.

And to re-iterate Justin's words in his winning speech, great to be having tea and post competition chat in the surroundings of a lovely Village Hall and a wonderful wholesome meal served up excellently by our lady hosts for the afternoon. A proper 'DFers' tea!!!! Geoffrey, you missed a treat!

Ray Goodearl