2022 National Qualifier No. 7

07 August 2022

Position Competitor Finish Time A Time B
1 Geoffrey Foster 15:51:10 15:51:10 14:47:34
2 Alan Simmons 16:17:09 15:05:24 16:17:09
3 Gary Parker 16:29:06 15:03:15 16:29:06
4 Paul Clark 15:04:10
5 Colin Merry 15:05:44 15:05:44
6 Graham Phillips 15:53:42 15:53:42
7 Bill Pechey 15:57:22 15:57:22

Organiser's report

Many thanks to those who made the trip to compete and apologies for the extremely weak signals at the start! I blame the wire I bought from CPC.

Congratulations to those who managed to find both stations and in particular to Geoffrey as the winner!

The stations were located approx 20km from the start at Old Winchester Hill about 2.5 km south of West Meon.

Station A was on a heading of 270 deg. on Baddesley common, just south of the duck symbol on the map. Antenna was about a half wave long which kept many competiors out for a long time despite this being what we hoped would be the easy site! Nearby powerline may also have hindered competitors...

Station B was in the middle of Micheldever woods on a heading of 325 degrees from the start. A good run in of about 3/4 of a mile from the car park. The antenna was around 1000ft of wire.

Tea was had back at my house and I wish to thank Emma for being such a star and handling the catering side of things and to Kevin for helping with antennas and being the operator on transmitter A. His first time in such a role.

Justin Snow

Winner's report

Geoffrey Foster has written a report in a PDF file which you can see here