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Joining the Top-Band DF Email Reflector

There are several ways of joining the reflector; the simplest is to send a blank email to You can also use the form below. In either case, you will receive an email from the reflector to confirm your email address. All you need to do is reply to that message and you'll soon be added to the list

You can also join the reflector by going to this web page. Doing this or using the form will ask you to register with Topica (the service provider). Registering allows you to view the archive of old messages. You can register at any time; you do not have to register to join the reflector.

Join the Reflector
Enter your email address


Hosted By Topica

Once you have joined the reflector you can send messages to and they will be distributed to all the members. You can only send messages from the address that you use to join (this is an anti-spam measure). Note that the reflector is set up so that replying to a message sends your reply to everyone on the list; if you want to make a private reply to the sender of the message check your To: line carefully.