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2014 Programme of Events

National Events (Provisional)

Date Event Organiser Details Results Pictures
13 April Qualifier No.1 Northampton Yes Yes x
11 May Qualifier No.2 Essex Yes Yes Yes
15 June Qualifier No.3 Mid-Thames Yes Yes x
13 July Qualifier No.4 Swindon Yes Yes x
03 August Qualifier No.5 Andover Yes Yes x
31 August Qualifier No.6 Torbay Yes Yes x
28 September National Final Coventry Yes Yes Yes

Click here to see the list of those who have qualified for the final and here to see the status of the Rose Bowl competition.

Click to see lists of previous winners of the National Final and the Rose Bowl.

Mid-Thames Events

Date Event Start Organiser (provisional) Results Pictures
19 Mar Gage-Tyler Cup round 1 Maidenhead Thicket John Mullins Yes x
30 Mar Geoff Peck Memorial Trophy Lane End Car Park Peter Lisle Yes x
04 Apr Collier Cup round 1 Cowleaze Wood Mark Coventry Yes x
16 Apr Gage-Tyler Cup round 2 Maidenhead Thicket Graham Phillips Yes x
02 May Collier Cup round 2 Cowleaze Wood Peter Bradley Yes x
21 May Gage-Tyler Cup round 3 Maidenhead Thicket Steve Stone Yes x
06 Jun Collier Cup round 3 Cowleaze Wood Brian Bristow Yes x
18 Jun Gage-Tyler Cup round 4 Maidenhead Thicket David Ryan Yes x
04 Jul Collier Cup round 4 Cowleaze Wood Roger Shepherd Yes x
16 Jul Gage-Tyler Cup round 5 Maidenhead Thicket Ray Goodearl Yes x
01 Aug Collier Cup round 5 Cowleaze Wood Bill Pechey Yes x
13 Aug Gage-Tyler Cup round 6 Maidenhead Thicket Peter Lisle Yes x
05 Sep Collier Cup round 6 Cowleaze Wood Min Standen Yes x
17 Sep Gage-Tyler Cup round 7 Maidenhead Thicket Alan Simmons Yes x
03 Oct Collier Cup round 7 Cowleaze Wood Justin Snow Yes x
25 Oct Eric Mollart Memorial Trophy Lane End Car Park John Mullins Yes Yes

Collier Cup events start at Cowleaze Wood (NGR SU 727958)
Gage-Tyler events start at Maidenhead Thicket (NGR SU 854815)
First transmission is at 7:30 pm for both series

Click on the name to see the current status of the Gage-Tyler Cup, the Collier Cup and the Bill North Trophy.
Previous winners of these three trophies are shown here.

Here's a list of the winners of the Eric Mollart Memorial Trophy and those of the Geoff Peck Memorial Trophy.

Chelmsford/Colchester Events

Chelmsford and Colchester radio clubs run a series of joint events through the year. Details of these are given on Roy Emeny's website.

South Manchester Events

South Manchester radio club runs a series of events through the year. Details of these are given on the club website.